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Welcome to The Flower Patch Project, a personal initiative by Marco Chavarry, owner of Alapash New Home and Alapash Mercantile. 

The goal of this new adventure is to bring beauty to the place we now call home: Three Oaks, Michigan. 

Since I moved to Three Oaks I have and continue to spot small, underutilized areas in our downtown that call for a bit of color and attention. My dream is to fill these grey spaces with colorful flowers and art for everyone's pleasure.  

Flowers have a healing power, bring joy to people and their beauty is second to none. Their presence in itself is a treat for passerbyers, encourages moments of contemplation and commands attention. 

The first project, The Seifert's Patch is the first of these projects. A small patch in front of a impressive, rustic wall in the back of Dewey Cannon Park in Downtown Three Oaks. I've stared at this wall hundreds of times while walking my little pup, Lucy and while attending Music in the Park on Saturday afternoons after closing the shops. The big wall was always and invitation for tall, colorful plantings with large flowers that could be seen from far and invite people to walk closer, enjoy their beauty and why not, take a selfie!

This first project has been funded by some close friends who share my passion for beauty and is an homage to one of my favorite flowers, The Sunflower. 

The last week of May 2023, my friend Tim and I dag grass, weeds and several inches deep of dirt. New top soild and compost was added and finally on June 1st, many sunflower seeds were put in place. 

While gardening is relatively new to me, I really hope this patch works and that my dream of sweet, colorful petals greeting people continues to expand to other forgotten sites. 

Stay tuned!


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